Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Idaho Book Extravaganza Author Award

Hey there. Yep, that's me, with the Scooby-Doo grin. I'm just popping in to show you the very first trophy I ever won! I was awarded it just a couple weeks ago from The Idaho Book Extravaganza Author Awards. Wee-hee!

Anyway, the awards ceremony was lots of fun. I am very thankful for the experience.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cover Reveal Sign-Up. Fallen Angel

I will be holding my VERY FIRST Cover Reveal event!

And--woo!--this cover makes my heart flutter :0)

It's for a book with an angelic twist. And I have been looking far and wide for any story that is anything close to Fallen Angel, and all I find are dark or gritty supernatural books. On the contrary, my book will be frothy, fun, funny--basically, a chick lit romance for teens! And I am SUPER excited for its release.


Teen angel, Persephone, is the only one in all of Heaven who can't sing. In fact, her name literally means "Voice of Destruction." So diving down one of Heaven's portals, straight into singer Taylor Hamilton’s bedroom, seems like a good idea at the time. Maybe, just maybe, he can help. Plus, he is sooo cute!

While it can be fun swooning over a mortal, it can also be frustrating. Angels aren't supposed to fall for mortals. Then there's Taylor's guardian angel, who is ready to sabotage the budding romance at every turn. Will Persephone learn to sing before Heaven calls her back? And, most importantly, can love prevail for an angel who has fallen head-over-wings for a mortal?

Here is just a peek-a-boo into Fallen Angel:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reading Clean Giveaway Hop~~Win BeSwitched Witch

I'm offering a signed copy of BeSwitched Witch to one winner (U.S.). Or an ecopy to one winner (INT.) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Love Letter to Book Bloggers & Reviewers from an Indie Author

Dear Blogger/Reviewer:

This is my love letter to you. You do a lot of work, reading and reviewing books and some don't realize how much work it takes. I see you adding your reviews weekly and even daily! That is a lot of dedication. And I see your Tweets about the few authors who can't accept your Goodreads reviews--questioning you, challenging you and getting nasty. So, I think you deserve to read a letter of sympathizing with your position, coming from an author's point of view.

If your opinion deems a book deserves a low rating on Goodreads, it shouldn't be publicly questioned or challenged by the author. You shouldn't be privately confronted either. Thankfully, most authors let reviewers be. Authors don't normally respond to either bad or good reviews; most authors don't want to interfere with the reviewing process out of respect for readers.

I know there will be people who don't like my book. I can't force anyone to love my work. I would never want to force a change of opinion. I've received a "DNF" and low ratings, and that should be expected for any author in time. After I received a DNF for BeSwitched, I felt insecure for about a whole day, but then I checked out 1 and 2 star reviews for bestselling books. It made me realize that all authors are in the same boat as far as receiving a variance of opinions, and I shouldn't dwell over such things. In contrast, I have received amazing words of praise for my work and those are very rewarding, validating moments for me. I guess what I am saying is that I signed up for the roller coaster ride and I am thankful for it. For every 1 star I receive a different author receives a 5 star (woohoo!), because as people we are so individual in our tastes.

I appreciate all that you do. I notice your work. Bloggers, you and I are both in a business. Readers and authors need each other. I am so grateful to all the reviewers who have taken the time to even give my work consideration. It can be exhilarating for the both of us. If you come across a bad-apple author, don't let them ruin all the fun moments to this journey, because I heart you, I really do (Adding butterflies, sparkles and purple unicorns to that sentiment).

No love letter would be proper without a little poetry. So here are cheesy lyrics to brighten your day:

Yeah... Yeah...
I can tell you been hurt
By that look on your face girl
Some god probably sent me
To your happy world
You need love
But you're afraid
That if you give in
Someone else will come along
And sock it to you again
One Bad Apple don't spoil the whole darn bunch
Oh Give it one more chance before you give up on love girl
One Bad Apple don't spoil the whole darn bunch
Oh I don't care what they say I don't care what you've heard
Whoo... Whoo...

And if that isn't enough, Donny will sing it straight to your heart (hehe):

Sincerely yours, Molly Snow
P.S. Seriously, thank you!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Paranormal Freebies Hop. Free BeSwitched Witch For ALL.

ATTN: I have extended MY Freebie Days to Monday, June 25th. So get your e-copy through! My favorite paranormal character: Jax Morreau

Books: BeSwitched Witch and Royally BeSwitched

Okay, after some thinking, I decided to go ahead and pick a character I made up. Since I wrote him, I was able to mold him into a personal dreamboat. I get into this topic more on Tiffany Mahaffey's blog, Escaping... One Book At A Time, June 22.

Sigh :) Where to start?... Jax has a silent but magnetic presence. He stands out from the crowd with his own style and has classic good looks--nice jawline, dark hair, six-feet tall and a good physique.

He is thoughtful beyond his age of seventeen and is passionate in his feelings and beliefs. Other guys don't intimidate him; he is comfortable in his own skin. He doesn't flaunt himself and can feel a bit shy around those he has feelings for.

Now for some extra fun. A FREE ecopy of BeSwitched Witch for you to download from, June 21-22. CLICK HERE to get your FREEBIE.

Thanks for visiting. Don't forget to check out the other free books through the Paranormal Freebies Hop. Some will be posting on the 22nd, since it is a two-day event:

CONGRATULATIONS, Darlene! You Tweeted about my Freebie, and Rafflecopter chose you as the winner of signed copies of my books. I will mail out your copies next week :-)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks again :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interview with "I Am a Reader, Not a Writer" blogger & book reviewer, Kathy

I had the pleasure of interviewing successful blogger and book reviewer from "I Am a Reader, Not a Writer," Kathy! Many thanks to her for this opportunity. It was fun to switch the tables on her, as she has interviewed me and many others!

How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start in the first place?
June 14th will be the 2 year anniversary of my book blog. I've had a family blog for nearly 5 years. I was reading a lot and wanted to be able to sign up for ARC tours so I could read books before they come out. That motivated me to begin a book blog.

What are some tips for balancing duties as a busy social networker and a busy mother? (This is something I have struggled with.)
I wish I had a great answer. Balance is not something I'm very good at. I tend to spend too much time doing one thing then I'm always trying to catch up with the other things.

Clean reads are very important to you (and me), especially clean romances. How hard is it to find really great clean romance reads for an avid reader such as yourself?
It has become really hard. Years ago I started reading Young Adult books because they were typically clean. That is no longer the case. I wish books had content warnings like movies do.

There are a few authors I trust and always read and then I go by recommendations from friends & blogs who also read clean books. I've come to learn who has similar taste in books and I read what they read.

What is the most fulfilling part of being a book blogger?
I love helping new authors and bloggers.

Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to the blogging community of readers or authors or both?
I'm pretty easy going and it's tough to ruffle my feathers. I'm pretty isolated and try really hard not to judge others. I don't have the chance to visit as many blogs as I wish I could so I usually don't know about any of the "drama" until it is long past.

Do you ever take a chance on reading self published works? What determines if you do?
I do. One of my all time favorite authors self publishes. I don't pay much attention to who publishes a book but I do judge books by their covers and book summaries as well as by their first page. It has to grab my attention or I pick up something else.

How did you get nearly 8000 followers and continue to grow?
Honestly I have no idea. I love reading, I love sharing great books and I love helping people. That combination seems to work well.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Paranormal Freebies Blog Hop

JOIN the HOP! It will be tons of fun :-)


  • Add your blog URL to the Linky
  • Copy the badge and paste it in your blog post
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  • Copy the Rules to your post.
  • On June 21st or June 22nd blog about your favorite paranormal character from any book
  • (a) Offer a giveaway prize, or (b) If you are a YA paranormal author, give a link to your free ebook offer.

Get your FREE ecopy of my second book BeSwitched Witch during the hop HERE.

How cool is that? And it is not to one random winner, but for anyone to download through

Authors, I would be happy to band together with you and Tweet about your special KDP Select givewaway. Use Twitter hashtag to promote: #parafreebies

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Lucky 7 Meme

I've been tagged in a Meme by Jill-Elizabeth at All Things Jill-Elizabeth.

Go to page 7 or 77 of your current MS/WIP, or go to line 7 (for short fiction). Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs and post them as they are written. Tag 7 authors and let them know and post a link to the author who invited you.

We are to invite up to 7 authors to participate in the Meme. There is no obligation to participate. I am inviting the following authors to join the meme:

  • Annalise Hulse
  • Paige Cuccaro
  • Rebecca Weinstein
  • Zoey Kane

Page 77, first 7 lines to Royally BeSwitched:
The woman spoke in a strong, smooth voice, so distinct and pure like the sound of a church bell.

Surla didn’t respond. She was thinking perhaps she was dreaming again, maybe in a coma, because she recognized the woman as who was in all of her dreams since her stay at the castle.

“It is so good to see you,” she said, looking Surla over and taking a seat next to her. She was beautiful.

“Am… I dead?”

“You are in-between worlds.”

Here is the author who invited me! Author of The Pet Washer. Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I am so excited to prepare for "The Royally BeSwitched Blog Tour" that will kick off June 15th at Buried in Books. I've already got quite a few blogs signing up. This will celebrate the 3rd book in my series,Royally BeSwitched

(of course), and it is my FAVORITE. It goes back to the 1700s, delving into Jax's family history. Surla, the cat, also has an amazing, life-changing adventure with him,her human crush. The story won't go without Surla switching lives with another lonely soul, per "The Black Cats' Curse"; this time with a poor, maidservant. Ah, so fun :-)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Why I Chose Self-Publishing

My path to being self-published started back in high school, when I first wrote BeSwitched for my own pleasure. After graduation I decided I would try to get it traditionally published, which is usually the first thought of any aspiring author. I sent out part of my book to three or four places. I waited maybe six weeks or so to hear back from each. One of them actually hand wrote a note to me that said it sounded like a good book and to keep trying. That was quite encouraging, since I know that agents and publishers tend to send out the same rejection letters.

Fast forward a couple years later, where I answered an ad for a local author seeking a personal assistant. When I came for my formal interview, she set me in a room alone to watch a video of her giving motivational speeches to thousands of business men and women. It was very exciting to see and added to my nervousness, but I was hired after she interviewed me. Her name was Chin-Ning Chu and had become successful by going down her own path, publishing her book on her own. She was a regular guest on CNN at the time, having been on different shows over twenty times. She was an example to me of how someone can make their own dreams come true. Her first book she ever wrote, she submitted to a publisher, was rejected and in sorrow trashed her work in a garbage can at school. She later was enlightened to set her own course... and look at the difference it made.

Now, if you think about it, having only submitted a manuscript to a few publishers was hardly an effort on my part for getting traditionally published. But after working for Chin-Ning, I didn't really have the desire anymore of going down the traditional route. I had a new perspective that I could be successful on my own, if I have a good work ethic and a valuable product. After I worked for her, I ordered my first print run of 1,000 books, I sent out press releases, visited schools, gave assembly presentations, talked at a library and sold all my copies in a matter of months. I was making my dreams come true.

Next on my list was getting into Barnes and Noble's physical book stores. They have a "Small Press Buying Department," which will consider professional works from small presses if the publisher can convince them of the appeal and company's marketing plan. On top of this, B&N wanted someone who had a budget to be able to fulfill orders for books across their stores--which would have been very, very, very expensive! That expense killed that plan.

A few years went by and I moved out of state with my husband, gave birth to twins and settled down as a little family. I put my author dreams on hold. (Having a family is the greatest joy of my life, and will always be, however. Just had to add that!) When I wanted to publish again, I wasn't sure where to turn. Until... one of my brothers mentioned ebooks. Ebooks didn't seem like a viable answer for me at the time, but the thought kept coming back to me over and over. A year went by, and I was getting an itch to re-market myself and to write again. So, I made a goal on my white board--"Research Ebooks." I did and was surprised. I found out people were successful going down this route. And, to top it off, I was reading that smaller novels or novellas were a successful format for readers to devour. BeSwitched is 138 pages and BeSwitched Witch is 150. Traditional publishers didn't want to risk promoting anything that small from a new author anyway. The pieces were coming together.

I re-released BeSwitched in October and haven't turned back. Now BeSwitched Witch is out, along with other books from my company Breezy Reads ( Blog touring and learning what I can about Internet Marketing in general is what keeps me motivated that one day my dreaming big will bring forth the desired fruit of my labors. So, it was an accumulation of reasons that brought me to this point in my writing career... and I am having so much fun while I am at it.

*Picture (top) Me after giving a school assembly. Picture (bottom) My first book cover for BeSwitched.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

BeSwitched Blog Tour Grand Prize Giveaway

Read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the Rafflecopter before entering. Good luck!

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