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New Release! BeSwitched in Time

Woohoo! It's been a long time coming (feels like it, anyway). I'm so excited to release the 4th and final installment of the BeSwitched series. So far it's in e-format on In the next few days it will be in other online stores as well.

 photo cover-5.jpg

You can buy it by visiting the link below:

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My witchy trick that inspired a scene in BeSwitched Witch!

Apparently, I'm not able to do my trick as well as I used to. Does that mean I'm not as witchy now that I'm all grown up ;)

See my friend's video and blog, where she does her eye trick and talks about her faux hawk :

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Just Released on Amazon! TO KISS A WEREWOLF

As president of Paranormal Addicts Anonymous, Stella’s got no time for popular guys. Especially the surfers who hang at Shoreline’s beach—they think flashing a sand-sprinkled, tanned chest is enough to get any girl. But when surfer-hunk Damien Capernalli crashes Stella’s PAA fieldtrip to a haunted bed and breakfast, it may be time to rethink her priorities. 

...And what’s with that wolfish gleam in Damien's eye?

What some Goodreads users have to say:
To Kiss A Werewolf' was a fun read, full of surprises!” —Tracy
“A fresh take on almost everything para-related.” —Kirsten
“Highly recommend for young adults and adults that enjoy an interesting, well written story.” —Jane

Monday, July 1, 2013

My other pen name--Claire Kane of Z&C Mysteries

Hi, everyone! You most likely know about me because of the BeSwitched series. I've also written a couple other YA quirky romances, BUT what I want to share with you today is my mystery series! I'm coming out in the open now as Claire Kane of Z&C Mysteries.

Z&C Mysteries star a mother and daughter, Zoey and Claire, who are amateur sleuths. Trouble just seems to follow them wherever they go! You know the type. They just happen to stumble upon major mysteries :) But this duo is ready for any surprise, even if that means they have to beat up bad guys while wearing their favorite high heels. Zoey and Claire also balance each other out. Zoey, the mother, is more wild and at times more gutsy. Claire has a keen eye for analyzing anything out of place, is more patient and calculating.

Something very important to know, if you are going to delve into this series, is they can get into some pretty outrageous situations, and there's a healthy dose of comedy. If you've read any of my YA books, you know what I mean about silliness. Some people are more into absolutely serious or dark mysteries; these aren't those mysteries.

I feel comfortable coming out in the open, here on my page that mostly advertises my YA books, because Z&C Mysteries is a clean mystery series! So these are rated PG. If you're like me, you enjoy cleaner stories that are filled with fast-paced fun. This doesn't mean Zoey and Claire don't date--they love men (unless they're talking about their exes)! And they don't have a certain "type." So, the little bits of romance thrown in are just some added, clean fun.

Oh, oh, oh! I can't forget to also let you know the funnest part of all this! I co-write this series with my mother! You can see how we thought up the mother-daughter team :) And there are bits of each character that are true to life, when it comes to us. My mom is glamorous and has led a more wild life than me, for instance. I'm very business-minded like Claire. By the time my mom and I finish one of our adventures, we feel like we really just went through it together. It's a fun experience for the two of us. We also decided to use the characters' names as our pen names, so that explains that little anomaly. Anywho, check these stories out--they're plenty fun.

The Riddles of Hillgate is on sale at Amazon for 99 cents. Each story has a stand-alone plot.

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Enter my Goodreads giveaway, for a chance to win Fallen Angel!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Fallen Angel by Molly Snow

Fallen Angel

by Molly Snow

Giveaway ends August 31, 2013.
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Indie Author Spotlight: Jessica Tornese's Linked Through Time

Join Kate Christenson as she
 battles a past that was never
 meant to be her own.

Fifteen year old Kate Christenson is pretty sure she’s about to experience the worst possible summer at her grandparent’s farm in rural Baudette, Minnesota. Without cable, cell phones, or computers, Kate is headed for total isolation and six tedious weeks of boredom. Until the storm.
               A freak lightning accident has Kate waking up in 1960. But she is not herself. She is the aunt she never met, but has eerily resembled her entire life. Thrust into living a dirt poor, rural farm life, Kate struggles to make sense of her situation- a boyfriend with a dark side, a “townie” who steals her heart, and the knowledge that 1960 is the very summer her aunt drowns in the local river.
               Even with every precaution, Kate cannot stop fate, and an unexpected twist adds to her dilemma. To her horror, Kate finds out firsthand her aunt’s death was not an accident or a suicide, but something much, much worse. 
Check out teen fiction author, Jessica Tornese's Linked Through Time, here:

Author Bio:

Jessica was recently voted Solstice Publishing’s 2012 Author of the Year! Jessica Tornese’s debut novel, Linked Through Time, was inspired by her home town Baudette, MN. She graduated from high school there and continued her education at Minnesota State University – Moorhead where she earned a degree in education. She spent several years coaching in the Junior Olympic volleyball program in Minnesota as well as the junior varsity team for Lake of the Woods High School in 2010.

Her favorite hobbies include reading, scrapbooking, playing volleyball, and extreme outdoor sports like caving, ziplining, and white water rafting. Jessica is also active in her church and has run several Vacation Bible School programs and Sunday school programs. She enjoys working with kids of all ages! She hopes to finish her Linked trilogy soon, and continue writing.

Recently, she self-published her first juvenile fiction book for kids online. (see M&M Twins) Jessica is married and has three children. Her family recently relocated to a small town in south Florida.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Behind The Scenes of Making an Audio Book

Hey! So, I have some good news! BeSwitched has been made into an audio book. It should be available for purchase through in a couple weeks.

Let me first say, it is such a treat to hear your own words being acted out by someone else! I went through Amazon's When I received an audition from actress Ashlyn Selich, I knew right away that I wanted her to produce BeSwitched. She really got into the characters, bringing them to life. Super talented.

After the audio book was made, Ashlyn emailed me this pic of her with with her kitty! Her cat was with her the entire time, at her feet,  as her "character inspiration." How cute is that??

Thank you, Ashlyn! It was a real pleasure working with you.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Magic Giveaway

CONGRATS, Pamela L. I've emailed you, requesting an address to send your winnings to. Thanks for everyone else entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Serpent in the Glass (The Tale of Thomas Farrell, #1)
On his eleventh birthday Thomas Farrell is informed that the deceased father he never knew has provided for his education at Darkledun Manor, a school for gifted children. Thomas, however, feels he's just an ordinary boy, but Darkledun Manor proves to be anything but an ordinary school...

In this work of fiction the reader is transported into a world of myth as the young protagonist, Thomas Farrell, seeks to understand who his mysterious father was, and why he left him a strange glass orb containing a serpent. As the story progresses, Thomas and his friends become increasingly caught up in a world they never knew existed - a world beyond the standing stones.


The Pet Washer
What happens when a vacationing princess befriends a hard-working pet washer?

Meet the pet washer! Cianna works overtime at The Royal Pet Palace and Day Spa. Here, animals are cleaned, massaged, bedazzled, and dyed to match the outfits of their masters. Cianna is popular because she invents special shampoos, flea treatments, pet foods, and toothpastes to keep the pets as healthy as they are clean.

Meet the princess! Polly owns the finest dresses, the fastest horses, lives in the largest castle, and has the prettiest friends in the seven kingdoms. One of the dancers in her Spring Festival performance is sick, so Polly befriends Cianna to take her place.

When Cianna is thrown into the glamorous lifestyle of the royals it seems all her dreams are coming true, but when Polly has a change of heart, both of their lives are changed forever.


Surla and Cathy have a HUGE secret!

After spending hundreds of years as a 'familiar' to an abusive witch, Surla runs away to find freedom. But there's one catch! The Black Cats' Curse states she will have to switch bodies with the first lonesome soul to cross her path.

Painfully shy Cathy Phillips can't muster the courage to ask hot water polo player, Craig Nelson, on a date. Neither can she stand up to the three biggest snobs at Washington High. What's a girl to do? Could switching lives with a sassy, magical cat be the answer to her wishes?

The "curse" of being "BeSwitched" may just be the most purr-fect secret these new best friends could ever have!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To Kiss a Werewolf


Hello, everyone! As I have been waiting to hear some news about Fallen Angel, I've written another story: To Kiss a Werewolf. It was sooo fun to write. It stars a goth girl named Stella who is president of the PAA (Paranormal Addicts Anonymous), and Damien, the most popular jock in school, who turns into a werewolf at night.

I want to take a moment to explain why I decided to write this story. At first the book was going to be more of a satire on the "werewolf romance" wave. The more I wrote, the more it became a romantic comedy. So it pokes fun at these sexy beasts and their admirers, but not in an absurd way (well, sometimes); it's more endearing.

To Kiss a Werewolf is written from both Stella's POV and Damien's POV, so we can follow their journeys simultaneously, which is something I haven't done before. Both have their own interesting ways of looking at the situation.

This book just tickled my fancy so much, I had to write it.

Here's a glimpse into Chapter One:


Damien slid another Capernalli stuffed crust special out of the brick oven, onto a pizza pan, and across a counter. He wiped the back of his glistening forehead with his forearm. Five nights out of the week, it was the same routine, yet he would be a fool to complain about it. Working at his Uncle Leo’s pizzeria, Dough-licious, gave him extra cash and time with his friends. Then there were the girls. Not that Damien needed the extra money, friends, or especially girls.
He went to a refrigerator and pulled out a lump of dough, then returned to his spot. As he mashed the stuff against the flour-powdered counter, his eyes couldn’t help but focus on the muscles of his forearms, pumping with each push. They were bigger than usual. It had been weeks since he went to the rec center and lifted weights. Was he having some sort of growth spurt, or could swimming in the surf of the ocean make that much of a difference? Either way, it was another thing he’d be a fool to complain about.
“Hey, brah! Wassup?!” a voice called from the front counter.
He looked up and saw his friend Tyler. The blonde guy with a shell choker smiled big. “Wassup!” Damien called back, purposefully not reciprocating his “brah.”
Being new in town, about six months now, made it so Damien had to get used to some foreign beach lingo. He was fine with Tyler, or the others, saying  “Brah,” but the word could never roll off his own tongue.
“Heading out to the shore tonight?” Tyler asked.
“You know it.” Damien nodded. He’d gone nearly seven days a week for all of July. August wouldn’t be any different.
“Cool. There will be a bonfire this time.”
“Cool, see you there.”
When Tyler walked away, a girl who had been standing behind him, waiting, came to view. Silky long black hair shimmered down the sides of her face, down the sides of her sad yet strangely beautiful eyes. A gray cardigan sweater wrapped over… a zombie t-shirt? Zombie Fallout, it said on a picture of a book cover.
No one was at the register. Damien looked around, waiting a moment longer, before coming forward.
“Uh, can I help you?” He leaned against the counter. With satisfaction, he noticed the girl catch a look at his bicep that bulged from under his white tee. Even though she wasn’t his usual type, he went into auto-drive, flashing a smile at her with perfectly straight and white teeth.
Her eyes flitted away from him to the menu. “I, um, I don’t know.” She wiped some hair behind an ear.
“You’re not sure what you want?”
“I mean, I know that I want pizza.”
“Well, then you’ve come to the right place.” The entire menu consisted of pizzas, besides the drinks. Uncle Leo was against salad bars.
She cleared her throat. “Yeah, do you sell by like the slice?”
“That’s during lunch hours only. Your first time here?” As soon as he asked that, he knew it sounded like a come-on. This girl was different, but he couldn’t help but feel a slight attraction, and it came out in his tone.
“Y-yes. It’s my first time here.”
“Well, we got the Emo—I mean, Primo Pizza, which is my favorite.”
“I’m not emo.”
“I didn’t say you were.” He coughed to cover his embarrassment. What was that?
Tina’s heels click-clacked against the concrete floor. The new and voluptuous cashier from last semester’s biology class came back to the register. “Hey, Damien. Thanks.” She touched his arm. “I got this.”
“Alright.” He acknowledged her with a nod and returned to his back counter. He rolled out some more dough and mashed it, while keeping an eye on the rest of the transaction up front. Lately, Tina had been stealing his attention, but he couldn’t help but wonder who that customer girl was. Had he seen her before? Maybe had a class with her?
Tina filled a glass with some Mr. Pibb and soon the customer girl was off with it in hand.
“What’s the order?” he called out.
“Just a soda.” Tina ripped off the receipt and crinkled it.
“No pizza?” he asked, perplexed.
“Nope!” She threw the paper in a trash and started walking toward him, her apron tied tightly to accentuate every curve, Dough-licious spread across her.
“Oh.” He wiped his hands on his own apron, watching her, but his thoughts weren’t on her and her dough-liciousness.
‘“Oh’ what?” Tina was now in front of him, her eyes twinkling.
“It’s just that she said she wanted pizza.” His dark eyebrows furrowed at the thought.
“So, Damien.” She leaned on his counter-top. “I’ve been thinking…”