Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Release! To Date a Werewolf

I'm excited to announce my latest release! To Date a Werewolf is the spin-off novel of To Kiss a Werewolf, starring one of the supporting characters, Maggie. Let me tell you, it was a ball writing from her perspective. She is so spunky and sarcastic and just plain fun. I would say it's a YA book, but a bit on the older side of the spectrum. Still, there's no foul language or sex.

About the book:
Maggie’s young, flirty and extra curvy, but she has a teensy-weensy problem. She’s a zombie. Costly manicures and wigs won’t always hide the fact that she’s decomposing at an increasingly rapid rate, either. She needs a cure. Like now. And a werewolf’s true-love kiss is the only solution. The trouble? Getting a first date, when zombies are werewolves’ sworn enemies.

It's currently $3.99


  1. It sounds super cute! I love the cover too.

    1. Hi, Dena!! Thanks :) I'd be happy to gift you a copy for all the support you've given me. I'll get you a Smashwords code this weekend for downloading it.