Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finished BeSwitched Witch and I am in Love.

I spent the last three months writing BeSwitched Witch and I am in love with it. I hope that does not come across weird like I am prideful. I think it is important that writers love their work. I believe that if I am head over heels for my own work, instead of having good reasons to doubt it, then there will be others who will fall head over heels.

I am in love with characters, scenes and humor. There are some lines in BeSwitched Witch that I have memorized, because they are seared into my mind. I admit that I have gotten misty-eyed over a character's quote in this book and I have laughed out loud at another character's quote. I can imagine Lake Sequoia, Idis's living room, the Morreaus' gothic decor...

I don't know what it is about the main romantic interest in my teen books, but like the main girl in my books, I tend to fall for the made-up guy. Maybe it is because the guy has that certain hair, smile, personality that I love. Jax Morreau is a hottie... just sayin' ;)

Fun obsession. I look forward to writing the next in the series, Royally BeSwitched.


  1. Just so long as Joe knows he beats out Jax, in the end, I think you're totally fine to love your book. :)

    Books are very much like children to an author: they're our creations. We invest our time, talents, and emotions in helping them develop, and we take pride in the accomplishments of our characters, just as we do in our kids (though it's admittedly much, much easier to get characters to do what you want them to do... ;) )

    Anyway, congratulations on getting both of these books out. I really look forward to reading them, even if I'm nothing like the target audience. :)

  2. Yes, Joe was my very own high school crush, so no fictional teen boy can take his place. hahah. Thanks for your thoughts, Stan!

  3. No problem. Incidentally, how much of Joe ends up in the Jax persona, anyway?

    Oh, and how do you get the cool, sparkly overlay on your blog? The sparklies themselves are s not really something I'd use, but the idea in general... that's cool. :)

  4. Not much stands out as far as similarities, actually! Jax is mellow at school. He has a nice jawline, like Joe. He has a quiet strength. Joe bought a keyboard, like Jax, and was learning to play... but guitar is his main thing. Joe has nothing goth about him and I wouldn't normally like goth, but Jax is the exception.

    Good and funny question to think about! Thanks :)

  5. Atta girl! Congratulations, Molly! ;)

    It's clear just how much you love your characters. It shows in your books. You gave them life, you let them grow, and you let them shine or even make their own mistakes. And authors who do that are simply awesome.

    Thanks for letting us "borrow" your babies for a while, Molly. It's great having them. ^_^

  6. I appreciate your thoughts! You are so genuine and sweet, Mauie. I was happy to share them with you. :o)