Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Something Unexpected From My Former Employer, Author Chin-Ning Chu

I used to work as a personal assistant to Chin-Ning Chu, who was an international best-selling author. She was a guest on CNN and other channels many times, giving mostly business and political advice on Western relations with the East. Some of her books include: Thick Face, Black Heart; Do Less, Achieve More; and Working Woman's Art of War.

This lady was very focused and driven. She started out self published and was such a success on her own that she caught the attention of The Sacramento Bee, then The London Financial Times, then major traditional publishers. I ended up moving onto my own adventures after a year of working with her, because of the immense pressure I felt. I could have learned so much more if I was able to stick it out, but I was so intimidated and exhausted from the experience that I even had nightmares that she was coming after me in a canoe, followed by an army wearing traditional triangular hats.

So, while Googling my name today for the heck of it (haven't we all?), I found Chin-Ning had promoted me on her website. After I left my job position with her, I self published and spoke at a dozen different school assemblies as an author. She apparently found out about it from a local newspaper. I was really touched by finding this out. I'll explain further--I leasrned Chin-Ning passed away not too long ago from Cancer. I had always had this odd fantasy that one day, when she was old, I would feed her soup at her bedside. Although, I could not handle the pressure of working alongside her demanding schedule, I wanted to one day treat her like a cherished, long lost mother or grandmother.

Life is strange at times and can really surprise you. I was surprised and thankful that she had a place in her heart for my accomplishments, just as I had a place in my heart to care for her one day. She was an amazing, beautiful, independent woman and author.

Here's the link to her webpage. I'm #58 on her news list:


  1. Sorry to hear about your former boss' passing. My prayers are for her eternal rest.

  2. Wow, that is quite the endorsement. It's too bad she's not around to still talk to. But at least you had your time with her, however brief.

    1. Yes, it's too bad I didn't see her one last time. The times we had together were very important, though.