Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Paranormal Freebies Hop. Free BeSwitched Witch For ALL.

ATTN: I have extended MY Freebie Days to Monday, June 25th. So get your e-copy through! My favorite paranormal character: Jax Morreau

Books: BeSwitched Witch and Royally BeSwitched

Okay, after some thinking, I decided to go ahead and pick a character I made up. Since I wrote him, I was able to mold him into a personal dreamboat. I get into this topic more on Tiffany Mahaffey's blog, Escaping... One Book At A Time, June 22.

Sigh :) Where to start?... Jax has a silent but magnetic presence. He stands out from the crowd with his own style and has classic good looks--nice jawline, dark hair, six-feet tall and a good physique.

He is thoughtful beyond his age of seventeen and is passionate in his feelings and beliefs. Other guys don't intimidate him; he is comfortable in his own skin. He doesn't flaunt himself and can feel a bit shy around those he has feelings for.

Now for some extra fun. A FREE ecopy of BeSwitched Witch for you to download from, June 21-22. CLICK HERE to get your FREEBIE.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interview with "I Am a Reader, Not a Writer" blogger & book reviewer, Kathy

I had the pleasure of interviewing successful blogger and book reviewer from "I Am a Reader, Not a Writer," Kathy! Many thanks to her for this opportunity. It was fun to switch the tables on her, as she has interviewed me and many others!

How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start in the first place?
June 14th will be the 2 year anniversary of my book blog. I've had a family blog for nearly 5 years. I was reading a lot and wanted to be able to sign up for ARC tours so I could read books before they come out. That motivated me to begin a book blog.

What are some tips for balancing duties as a busy social networker and a busy mother? (This is something I have struggled with.)
I wish I had a great answer. Balance is not something I'm very good at. I tend to spend too much time doing one thing then I'm always trying to catch up with the other things.

Clean reads are very important to you (and me), especially clean romances. How hard is it to find really great clean romance reads for an avid reader such as yourself?
It has become really hard. Years ago I started reading Young Adult books because they were typically clean. That is no longer the case. I wish books had content warnings like movies do.

There are a few authors I trust and always read and then I go by recommendations from friends & blogs who also read clean books. I've come to learn who has similar taste in books and I read what they read.

What is the most fulfilling part of being a book blogger?
I love helping new authors and bloggers.

Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to the blogging community of readers or authors or both?
I'm pretty easy going and it's tough to ruffle my feathers. I'm pretty isolated and try really hard not to judge others. I don't have the chance to visit as many blogs as I wish I could so I usually don't know about any of the "drama" until it is long past.

Do you ever take a chance on reading self published works? What determines if you do?
I do. One of my all time favorite authors self publishes. I don't pay much attention to who publishes a book but I do judge books by their covers and book summaries as well as by their first page. It has to grab my attention or I pick up something else.

How did you get nearly 8000 followers and continue to grow?
Honestly I have no idea. I love reading, I love sharing great books and I love helping people. That combination seems to work well.