~Others Say~

The BeSwitched Series:

"BeSwitched is a fun fairytale. It's not only an excellent read, but teaches some life lessons along the way."
Samantha LaSparta, Antioch Press

"BeSwitched is a wonderful, highly entertaining read."
Kevin E Lake, author of Amazon's #1 ghost novel in customer satisfaction From the Graves of Babes.

"These books are becoming highly addictive!"
Heather, Buried in Books

"Wittingly charming and full of humor [BeSwitched Witch] is a must read!"
Cricket, Little Library Muse

"It's clear just how much you love your characters. It shows in your books. You gave them life, you let them grow, and you let them shine or even make their own mistakes. And authors who do that are simply awesome."
Mauie, The Traveling Reader

"[BeSwitched] was fun and frothy."
"Molly has a really easy writing style, which is just perfect for when you want a simple no nonsense read."
Jenny, Chocolate Chunky Munkie

"The BeSwitched series is sweet, adventurous and funny - Molly Snow's writing flows magically."
Margie, The Bumble Girl, Bumbles and Fairytales

"Just finished reading "BeSwitched" by @molly_snow. OMG IT WAS SO MAGICAL."
Carina, Twitter follower