Monday, January 13, 2014

A New Title and Cover. Revamping a Book's Look.

Sometimes you just gotta revamp a book's look.

^^This is the new look for FALLEN ANGEL, now titled HEAD OVER HALO. Fallen Angel was getting a lot of returns through, meaning people would purchase it, then get a refund. I was stumped as to why this was so, since this is one of my books I'm most proud of. The plot flowed for me, it was professionally edited, beta readers gave me really great feedback, and I just knew I'd find readers who'd really relate to the adorable main character Persephone and her mishaps.

But sales were saying the opposite.

So I went to my online writers group, and was assured the story was great, but the title and the cover picture wasn't as fitting as it could be. People who were viewing Fallen Angel were also viewing erotica, and so that was telling. People probably thought it was about a sweet girl gone bad. So, my goal was to give the story a new name and cover, which would also go well with my branding.

And this is what I came up with... (Technically, I have to thank my writer friend K.S. Haigwood for the title. Thanks!)

Here's the OLD cover to compare:

What do you think of the new one??

Get the book here:

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Kiss Anthology

Hi, everyone!

I'm here to share news about a really cool anthology coming out this month, January. It will showcase stories from a variety of genres from big-name authors, such as Colleen Hoover, Saxon Andrew and more. My own short story, MIDNIGHT SNACK, which is a modified chapter from an upcoming release, is included.

The anthology will be FREE, too!

I'll keep you posted about the formal release date.

Love, Molly