Saturday, July 21, 2012

Love Letter to Book Bloggers & Reviewers from an Indie Author

Dear Blogger/Reviewer:

This is my love letter to you. You do a lot of work, reading and reviewing books and some don't realize how much work it takes. I see you adding your reviews weekly and even daily! That is a lot of dedication. And I see your Tweets about the few authors who can't accept your Goodreads reviews--questioning you, challenging you and getting nasty. So, I think you deserve to read a letter of sympathizing with your position, coming from an author's point of view.

If your opinion deems a book deserves a low rating on Goodreads, it shouldn't be publicly questioned or challenged by the author. You shouldn't be privately confronted either. Thankfully, most authors let reviewers be. Authors don't normally respond to either bad or good reviews; most authors don't want to interfere with the reviewing process out of respect for readers.

I know there will be people who don't like my book. I can't force anyone to love my work. I would never want to force a change of opinion. I've received a "DNF" and low ratings, and that should be expected for any author in time. After I received a DNF for BeSwitched, I felt insecure for about a whole day, but then I checked out 1 and 2 star reviews for bestselling books. It made me realize that all authors are in the same boat as far as receiving a variance of opinions, and I shouldn't dwell over such things. In contrast, I have received amazing words of praise for my work and those are very rewarding, validating moments for me. I guess what I am saying is that I signed up for the roller coaster ride and I am thankful for it. For every 1 star I receive a different author receives a 5 star (woohoo!), because as people we are so individual in our tastes.

I appreciate all that you do. I notice your work. Bloggers, you and I are both in a business. Readers and authors need each other. I am so grateful to all the reviewers who have taken the time to even give my work consideration. It can be exhilarating for the both of us. If you come across a bad-apple author, don't let them ruin all the fun moments to this journey, because I heart you, I really do (Adding butterflies, sparkles and purple unicorns to that sentiment).

No love letter would be proper without a little poetry. So here are cheesy lyrics to brighten your day:

Yeah... Yeah...
I can tell you been hurt
By that look on your face girl
Some god probably sent me
To your happy world
You need love
But you're afraid
That if you give in
Someone else will come along
And sock it to you again
One Bad Apple don't spoil the whole darn bunch
Oh Give it one more chance before you give up on love girl
One Bad Apple don't spoil the whole darn bunch
Oh I don't care what they say I don't care what you've heard
Whoo... Whoo...

And if that isn't enough, Donny will sing it straight to your heart (hehe):

Sincerely yours, Molly Snow
P.S. Seriously, thank you!